Footprints in the Snow

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Contributor: Dorian J Sinnott

- -
I remember
frozen flakes dusting your lashes on the day you went away;
When they buried you deep in the iced earth
And I never got to say—

to the warmth of your arms in the chill of the night;
To your breath against my cheek
And your voice whispering, “It’ll be alright—

Just stay
with me, I love you more than you know;
But if I can’t be with you, just listen
And follow my footprints in the snow—

They remain
forever like fingerprints upon your heart;
Once touched, never forgotten
And unable to tear apart—”

But torn apart
we became so quickly it seemed;
As each day and touch grew colder
And I never dreamed—

You’d leave me
alone with nothing, lost in a world of winter gray;
Where only the snowflakes know my name
And I listen to them say—

“Follow me
to the window and look out upon the white;
Dry your tears, little one
And I promise you’ll be alright—

I promised
you many things some of which I could not keep;
But before you lay your weary head down
And go to sleep—

Just know
that I love you, forever, even if I’m gone;
This promise is forever
And one you can count on—

Always remember
if you’re lost and don’t know where to go;
Just close your eyes and listen
And follow my footprints in the snow.”

- - -
Dorian J. Sinnott is a graduate of Emerson College's Writing, Literature, and Publishing program, currently living in Kingston, New York with his cat. He enjoys horseback riding, playing violin, and cosplaying his favorite childhood characters at comic cons. Dorian's work has appeared in Crab Fat Literary Magazine, The Pangolin Review, Alter Ego, and Terror House Magazine.


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