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Contributor: William Hennessy

- -
Time to hang it up for a little.
The satisfying hits, the balls I threw spiraling in the air.
The plays I have made.
Everything I have worked for.

All those practices
do not matter anymore.
The great moments will forever
be in my mind, like the 3 touchdowns I threw
to PJ, my favorite receiver, in one half.
All the game winners I threw, deep touchdowns.
No more of the 11 man team, my family.

The prodigy I was
is now gone, the man I became.
The practices where I was constantly getting yelled at,
Pushing the sled with all my strength, sweat dripping in my eyes,
throwing to my receivers. Coming home with dirt covering my body.
Repeating the process all over the next day.

Defensive End
A player with more heart than you can imagine
disappears from the scene
The decision was made.
“Maybe I’ll come back”
Focus on school, basketball, and work.
This was a critical decision
But I already hung the helmet up.

- - -


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