Tropical Spring

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Contributor: Sandra Shaw Homer

- -
The trees sing on the wind:
Urucas chatter like monkeys
Playing in the canopy at dusk;
Corteza blossoms vibrate yellow
in time with the breeze;
The sun at evensong glows
on Guanacaste buds
stretching like tiny hands
for the last of light,
whispering, I wish, I wish;
The host Jocote,
bare bones yesterday,
now shouts with leaves
to shade its guest bromeliads
from the tropic sun;
the Ceiba that danced a red ballet today
will greet tomorrow singing green;
The long Bambu clacks a symphony
as lively as a wind chime.

I breathe in all this happy song.
Do they hear my sigh?

- - -
A Costa Rican citizen, Shaw Homer has written for the local press, as well as published fiction, nonfiction and poetry in on-line and print journals. Her travel memoir, Letters from the Pacific, was well reviewed by Kirkus and PW.


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