Sudden Changes (Anicca)

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Contributor: Bruce Mundhenke

- -
No longer do millers swarm street lamps in summer,
And honey bees are seldom seen,
The choir of crickets is silent in fall,
The leafhoppers, that once were sometimes a plague,
Also are seldom seen.
You can drive up and down hills in the country at night,
And still look out your windshield and see.
Monarchs no longer pass through like before,
Where is the bumble bee?
The geese that used to fill the skies,
Are now, small flocks when seen,
That go south, then north, then south again,
Like they don't know where they should be.
Many are aware of these changes,
No one is sure what they mean.

- - -
Bruce Mundhenke writes in Illinois, where he lives with his wife and their dog and cat.


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