While We're Talking Reparations. . .

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Contributor: Joselyn Colby Rastecov

- -
When the fury of a lost god
comes howling through the house
and the ghosts of the forgotten dead
the ghosts of an age
scream bleeding rebirth
and revenge
for lost lives
for times
when all souls were oppressed
for control
for cash
by psychopaths
hiding in the shadow of a cross
they professed
guided every axe
guided every stick
that built every pyre
defiled every unwilling temple
until none remained
until all the stolen gold
glittered on swollen fingers
fat with savage scarfing.

The ghosts of the wronged do howl
and even the staunchest houses do crumble
for nothing lasts forever
nothing, but the howling of the angry wind
nothing lasts forever.

- - -
Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.


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