A Day of Quiet Deliberation

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Contributor: Jane Briganti

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The commemoration
of a marriage
In other words - anniversary
a celebration of love,
a marriage -
two people committed
one to another
wanting to journey
through life together
A day which most
care to remember

Unlike others
who bask in the joy
of such occasion
she wonders why this word
in all its glory
powerful and sentimental
causes her such
Why this date in time
holds so much significance
with its twin
from so many years before?

Why has he forgotten their
anniversary - again?
How callous of him
Negative thoughts
now cloud her mind
Why did he not remember?
Is his action or lack of
conscious or accidental?
Is it deserving of
Should she remain
silent -
so the day just passes
like any other?

Have they drifted so far astray
that he deems their marriage
Why should she feel
of the woman who receives
a flower with a tender kiss,
an invite for dinner,
a song, a dance or
a lover's tete-a-tete?

this day of celebration
turns into a day of
quiet deliberation

A day of sorrow and emptiness
an acceptance of the truth
the bond between them
a cosmic, passionate love
is slowly dissipating
A flame of irresistible passion
once burning out of control
has burned the candlewick black

Their anniversary
a day she remembers
with endearment
has become nothing more
than a day of reflection
A day of quiet deliberation

- - -
A Native New Yorker, she's been writing poetry for as long as she can remember. It is her hope that someone may find solace in her words.


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