Street Sense

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Contributor: J.Donnelly

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Street sense
Street pence
Street people
Street car named desire
Into an alley
The man with the golden arm
Into an alley
The woman with the golden earrings
Into an alley
The kids with the golden grams
Snuggling fabric softener
The softener they are the harder they fall
From heaven
Into the alley
Dipped in
Dropped out
Pulled out before I blew
Before I turned blue
Before she knew
Too good for me
Too good for the scene
You’re too good to just be meat
Underworld wearing
You’re too good to be staring
Into the alley
To sleep
To beat
To read beats
To sing beats
To slam beats
Up and down the sidewalk
Cause you’re sense is strong
Cause you’re mind is strong
Cause you’re line is long
And changes
And chances
And dances with the new day
Hopeful of new diocese
Hopeful of new diets
Diodes blip on radar
How far are you?
Into the alley
How far can you go?
How fair can you go?
How much for that street sense?
I said, How much for that street sense?

- - -
J.Donnelly writes and lives in DC. He's a fan of the beat generation and contemporary writers like Bucky Sinister and Mums.


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