Two Decades

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Contributor: Mike Agombar

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Two decades old and still at the children’s table.

How’s school, everyone is so proud of you! And before I even take the inhale of air to respond, another chimes in

Waste of money that is. You don’t need school!

No, it seems I don’t. Some creativity can’t be taught. Ask someone with an Odd Future poster.

Family dinners are for brides and grooms and mourning where I’m from and there’s promised to be a big mucky punch up and insults thrown at strangers with a common last name at both.

Absolute waste of money school! You can learn everything you need to know if you come work for me! Make some tidy cash too.

But he sells cocaine… that could be fun I guess. It’s a risk. but once you fall enough find out your not made of glass, risks are hobbies.
Getting educated by professors and doctors is far more rosy than getting educated by football hooligans with an eye for ass and a nose for coke.

Because getting educated is the next best thing to finally being allowed to sit at the adult table after two decades. But those conversations about money, taxes and kids remind me I’m still a kid and of the fantasy world that is to become my reality.

I’ve realized something. Power is defined by the wealth and the materialistic possessions we have; but wealth isn’t defined by power. In my fantasy world, I create my own destiny. I create the wealth, the power, the materialistic possession by the thoughts I think and the choices I make.

I’ll be at the adult table one day, but not around the peddlers that insist school, education and free-thought is unnecessary.

- - -
Twenty year old student.


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