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Contributor: Alvin Rhodes

- -
a feather on piano keys
a whisper in a sax
the stillness of a morning
as both sun and moon relax

the earth, at peace, observing
gentle song inside her chest
the leaves are skipping eastward
nudged by breezes from the west

a love that's tinted lavender
will coat your every dream
and trickle out into the night
escaping from each seam

the sky will speak your name
when mortal voices are not near
the clouds will spell out messages
that only you can hear

a soft caressing lullaby
with thoughts instead or words
the music of the butterflies
more subtle than the birds

a brush upon your shoulder
from a shadow, finely gray
the wind then strokes your hair
to let you know I'm on my way

- - -
I only write rhyming poetry... hippie, not a beatnik, I guess.


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