Side Glances

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Contributor: Brittany Zedalis

- -
Your voice, a whisper lost in the space between what is real and make believe,
It makes its way to me, softly, unnoticed by those who do not hear but see.
A sound leaving me breathless when I understand the words,
Speak them again, my love, and join our worlds.
"Forever, faithfully." I whisper to you, sending your heart to a place it has never been,
Where there are no worries, no pain, no anger; only the love you will feel again and again.
Your touch, gentle, graceful, yet so strong it grabs my soul and ties it to yours,
Like the shadow of Peter Pan, except I will never run from you, you are a part of me down to my core.
We will grow on, from young adults to wise lovers,
Sharing our hopes, our dreams, and secrets with each other.
Our life begins now with these moments, these memories that will live on in the years to come,
Our love story will serve as the truth for our young.
That true love does exist if you take the chances,
It could be hidden from sight or right before your very eyes, in a room full of drawings and loving side glances.

- - -
I am 21 years old, married, and studying to be an elementary teacher. I enjoy reading, writing and crocheting in my spare time. I have been writing poetry since I was around 12 or 13 years old.


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