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Contributor: Ray Miller

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In the park where part of British Leyland stood,
they’ve planted maples imported from Germany.
On Northfield Past we’re aghast, it is nicht sehr gut
and the site’s in a state of emergency.

We’ve left jumpers for goalposts, walls chalked for wickets
and the railways before Dr Beeching,
we’ve forgot happy days of ration books, Rickets,
those nights without worries or central heating.

Where the planes were made by our grandfathers,
that prised this land from beneath the jackboot
and forged the downfall of Der Luftwaffe,
the enemy wood is at last taking root.

On Northfield Past there’s talk of tunnels being dug,
fungal diseases that cannot be treated.
Careless talk costs lives – don’t tell those you love.
Change group privacy from Open to Secret.

- - -


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