Strange Conversations

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Contributor: Mark Goodman

- -
It started out almost too subtle
to perceive, a lingering during
intimate discussions, the timing
of her departure was uncanny
to coincide with each conclusion.
But then, things escalated.
I've talked to her for years
in a high pitch, always knowing
it was unrequited. Last Thursday,
I asked if she wanted some milk
In her bowl and thought I saw
an imperceptible nod, and a
knowing, somewhere way back
in the recesses of her cone shaped

And then, it was all routine, holding
up a dress before gong out and
looking for a nod or shake,
asking if what was playing on Pandora
was well received. Later, when I asked
how the world would end?
Nothing, just a cat sitting
by the door.

- - -
Mark Goodman especially likes the task at hand, which right now is parenting two wee boys. Mixed in there is the joyous compulsion to carpenter some phrases and float mountain lakes on watercraft.


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