Moments in Time

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Contributor: Michelle Kopp

- -
Present time’s lady haemorrhages
at the wrists -- hauntings in her mind
slipping through
wet fingers

Stars explode the universe -- nothingness
what she wants most is a second
moment to hold her baby
girl -- soft pink flesh and light blonde hair
bright hazel eyes
small hands wrapped around fingers


Past time’s maiden held a hand
over her stomach
twirled a pen between her fingers

Textbooks piled high
she kissed her lady lover -- cotton candy lips
-- porcelain face with hazel eyes
chokecherry lipstick in myriad starlight


Present time’s woman kneels at
smooth tombstone carved
with myriad moonlight

Rain cracks from the skies
glistens upon a black granite
angel peacefully resting
on a double heart -- one etched with --
together with God but forever in our hearts
and the other --
a bud on earth to bloom in heaven

Curled into the foetal position
she conceals scar tissue beneath
silken scarves of cotton-candy pink,
reminiscent of past maiden’s lips

She prays.

- - -
Michelle Kopp is a full-time graduate student and part-time writer in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her work has appeared in 'The Diverse Arts Project' and 'Yesteryear Fiction'.


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