Autobiography Revision

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Contributor: Jennifer J. Pruiett-Selby

- -
Unraveling the shroud of mistakes
to reveal the canvas, an innocent skin
fresh and free from scars, the burns
from the fire of choices made
tracing now the thread back
to so many times, so much kindling laid
years of broken arrows, missed
targets, until the smoke nearly suffocated

Watching from the mirror this tapestry,
though eyes weaken and sight fails
air now clear, fire dissipated: Lifting
the needle, I begin to repair the tears
Mending first the seams, then weave
again this tattered life, charred and worn
working by the taper’s careful light,
until the piece has been reconstructed

This shroud now shows an illustration,
illuminated colors with true tones
and brilliant hues, depicting another
life, unmarred and ameliorated
the forsaken child now cherished,
adored in the soft arms of a mother
and a father to guide her through
a new life, and shield her from harm

- - -
Jennifer J. Pruiett-Selby is a teacher and mother of four, with a Master’s degree in English from Iowa State University. Jennifer currently lives in very rural Iowa where her column {just a word} appears in the local newspaper. Her work has been published in Red River Review, Matter Monthly and Four and Twenty.


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