Bird Innards

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Contributor: Gnat Bee

- -
I’m in love with the Kookaburra in my head.
He echoes human laughter to raise the dead.
His feathers are made of a glimmering light,
That blinds the damned in his frantic flight.
He eats babes of foes without remorse,
With platinum talons, dissects their cores.
Wards off evil spirits with eyes of flame,
He cleanses the souls that sin had stained.

I’m in love with the Kookaburra in my head.
There once was a boy, but there’s a bird in his stead.
It is the fowl to whom I owe my life,
Who ate all the hardships, gobbled the strife,
Who bled me till balanced then gargled the blood,
And spat in the face of demons and gods.
It is this bird that relinquishes doubt,
But this bird is me with my insides out.

- - -
Gnat Bee is a poet and visual artist who derives themes from her Metis dilemma of mixed identities, nature vs. humanity and life vs. death; always opposing sides. Through art, she finds peace.


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