Our Core

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Contributor: Taylor Gibbs

- -
I found a special skeletal key, that was tucked away,
deep within your skin.
I found a way in, with the map that lit our veins when the lines of your hands met mine.
Once held, the key threw sparks; bright, molten,
dancing sprites twirling through the aether and my mind. A keyhole
in the form of your aorta etched upon your breast,
under a deep vermillion mist
I reach to place the key, unlocking your chest,
opening you right up. And there inside,
to my surprise whorled a blazing sun. Its solar flares
singed the air and pierced into my eyes.
This succored sun, spun and spun, cracked and split apart
lightning black and purple skies. In the center, cradled there;
love in all its parts. It sprouted wings that flapped, and beat –
that carried you into me. And all of our ones and twos,
now became a three. Our love was a living thing
that grew and grew

beyond eternity.

- - -
Student, poet, and rambler through of trails.


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