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Contributor: Erica Garcia

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On an unheard of downtown street, it’s pouring hard for once.
She watches the rain, wishing it could take her fears away.
She watches the rain.

She’s so scared and so confused.
She hates it but she lives with it because she doesn't know what else to do.
She feels so alone.

They add to the pressure. Nobody knows.
No one would understand, and the skies are sad just like her.
She watches the rain.

In a popular uptown city, she dreams of a different life.
She watches the rain. Her hopes and dreams are washed away.
She watches the rain.

She’s just trying to make the best of it all.
She’s just trying not to break down.
When will the sun come out?

- - -
Erica Garcia is a dedicated musician who currently lives in Southern California. She writes to record, express, and better understand her feelings. She can be contacted at itsericadani@gmail.com


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