The One

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Contributor: Christopher Ponce

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The One
She is the one with
Ocean blue eyes to swim in,
Skin like vanilla.
The many minutes I can stare,
At her hourglass physique.

She is the one who
Puts others before herself,
Lives no day wasted,
Succumbs to any dumb joke,
Not afraid to speak her mind.

She is the one with
Which I cannot live without.
Keeping me in check
She guides me when I cannot.
She is the one whom I love.

- - -
Christopher Ponce is currently a senior at Cerritos High School. He is inspired by what the world has to offer, whether it’s an inspirational landscape scenery or local cuisine. On his free time he enjoys to travel southern California t hike local areas and hopefully, soon, to travel the world.


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