Honoring Bacchus

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Contributor: Marija Makeska

- -
We honor Bacchus
The ancient god of the wine
Who makes you take the glass
Pour alcohol to taste it
Thinking you are doing only a test
Of over fifty other drinks
While he dances with the Devil
Telling you to have some more,

Then he messes with your head
Your ability to control,
But he still asks you friendly
To have even more
He slyly teases you
Asking how many chairs do you see
And pours you even another drink
Making you unable
To walk yourself to home
Where even your wife and children
Will ask you to have some more

- - -
Marija Makeska is a writer, fine artist and a filmmaker whose passion are the Eurasian cultures. In 2013 alone, she had a number of publications for Dark Gothic Resurrected, The Northern Cardinal Review, Goddess Pages, Circassian Voices and many others, and her second self published book “The Book of Muses” came out. She’s currently a monthly contributor for The Spread Magazine by CinemaJam.


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