Across the Silent Distant Sea

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Contributor: Stanley M Noah

- -
You see. I'm standing at the window looking out
while in the moment the mirror must see my
reflection. Three of us---window, mirror, me and
the landscape, and lighthouse beyond. You came
in beside me. And we viewed the distant sea, the
lay of tides like then-and-there like now-and-here.
The displacements no matter stay. You can see far
away as well as me. You and me in the same room,
three dimensional, French doors, the mirror looking
on, window cracked. Once again you standing there
alone like a lamp of fire when I'm gone and return.
You standing here and the sea and the mirror near
the coffee table with flowers and yellow fruit, dark
chocolate and drifting memories. You, beside the
window like a painting above in the room of French
windows and silent sea.

- - -
I have a BGS degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. And have been published in the following: Verse Wisconsin, B.O.D.Y., Main Street Rag, South Carolina Review, Poetry Nottingham and other publications in U.S.A., Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

I spend much of my time watching old movies and drinking gallons of coffee.


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