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Contributor: Lori Wyman

- -
I’m never good enough,
I feel like crap.
Don’t look too closely,
take a step back.
Things that bother me,
others may not notice.
What is my purpose? Turn my focus,
to the sun, the stars, the wind and the rain,
to the moon, the sky and the earth to gain.
My heart is at peace and all is serene,
tomorrow looks different,
my slate will be clean.
Turn my head and all will seem new,
yesterday’s fears are all but a few.
Take my focus off of me,
and see my purpose entirely.
Break the ties that bind my mind,
to my body and spirit and all that I find.
Blind the eyes that curse myself,
and let me think of something else.
Sear the thoughts that think bad things,
so that I am free to laugh and to sing.
Take my focus off of me,
and feel my desires entirely.
Let me live as one with hope,
through all the stress so that I may cope.
To my surprise within all that lies,
I turned my focus and no more demise.
Two days later I stepped on the scale,
and shed four pounds,
no more beached whale.
My clothes are at last loose,
and I am thinner.
All that hard work,
and now a nice dinner.
Turn my head and all will seem new,
yesterday’s fears are all but a few.
Just when I thought that I was over,
sunshine stepped in with a four-leaf clover.
Bless the heart that still sees life sweetly,
jellybeans, flowers and chocolates wrapped neatly.
Let me live with one mind, body and soul,
that beats to a new heartbeat so that I may live whole.

- - -
I'm 53 years old and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love to write and am in the process of publishing a manuscript that I've just finished and have been writing for 30 years. I live with my best friend and adore my two Siamese cats. I work as a Sales Representative at Petsmart stores.


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