Spiritual Essence

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Contributor: Steven Jacobson

- -
the spirit moves one to realize the truth,
and the heart propels one to see and become love.
the spirit transcends all earth-like feelings,
and the heart renders one to be joyful and open.
the spirit pushes to ponder the moment,
and the heart yearns to be free, heartfelt by the soul.
the spirit guides away from the mind and body,
and the heart gives and girds in earnest to one another.
the spirit gains and grows giving life cause,
and the heart perceives and pushes one to sail upwards.
the spirit proclaims an abundance for life,
and the heart wishes, waits in the moment forever.

- - -
Steven Jacobson was born and raised in the Midwest. He has attended multiple classes from the Loft Literary Center, promoting all levels of creative writing. His goal is to write a second book. His first book is called “Spiritual Gait” and was published in 2014.


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