I Love The Ocean In Its Calm

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Contributor: Randy Stewart IO

- -
Are we not unlike manners of the sea?
Moments of perfect calm
Serene as the reflection Narcissus
Withered in front of, I hope I
May pass the same

Staring into the eyes of something I
Love more than the life
I chanced to have thrust upon my
Soul suspended in infinity
What did I look like before?

A light, a glow, a churning unending
Wheel of energy waiting
To be born of flesh, blood, and bone
Hair and nails and crooked
Teeth, desire to please

And to be? I wondered much as I
Wandered lust searching
For love unknowing what I would feel
Do we always know that
A heart is the center?

Organic Sun, pursuits in all revolve
Around appeasing this
I want to die like a hurricane, violent
And lasting three whole
Acts; rage, intermission,

Wrath of God as I disappear and
Scar the world with my
Exit, but they will be stronger then
And smarter too, even
If wounded by my pass

I love the ocean in its calm, in its
Power to breed and
Its power to annihilate all it helped
To create

An infinite unpredictability.

- - -
Randy is from Decatur, Illinois. He has a beautiful muse/fiancée named Abby and three gorgeous children. He reads, writes, and ponders obsessively.


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