You Won't See Me

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Contributor: Helen Sparrow

- -
Hey, you over there!
Yes, *you*
With the mop of golden hair
And the red bag
And the St. Peter t-shirt.
I see you.
Why don’t you see me?

Don’t my eyes sparkle enough to catch yours?
Is my demeanor so cold that I drive you away?

I’m no great wit, I know.
Is that it?
Have I tried too hard to be clever
To sound smart?
Do you see right through my façade
And not like what you find underneath?

Perhaps you think I’m far too vain
About my nails, my face, my stupid, stupid hair.

Do I smile, laugh too much
For someone stoic like you?

Or do you think me too uptight
Too cowardly
Too tractable?

What’s wrong with me?
Pray tell me, sir.
What is the sin
That makes me so vile?

Look my way, I beg of you
Meet my eyes, just for a moment
Smile at me, say a few words.
It doesn’t have to be big.

All I want to know is that you care.

- - -
Helen Sparrow is a history student from Dayton, Ohio.


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