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Contributor: Jasmine Som

- -
Skate atop the creek
As the aurora enchants
Gaze up to the stars

Crows caw and fog creeps
Yet the pale moon gleams so bright
Scarecrows stand alone

Up above, bees buzzed
Sweet aroma of honey
Pleasant to the thought

Red flushed cheeks, tanned skin
Taste the saltiness in the air
Enjoy golden rays

She is beautiful
Since birth she gave all she could
With a kindred soul

Centuries of life
With its shell as strong as rock
Slowly crawls to me

- - -
As a paleo-vegan, Jasmine Som loves dehydrating fruits to take with her when she hikes. While others stalk celebrities, she looks up new recipes to get creative with. Sadly, cooking with her heavy cast iron pots has her taking on a new workout routine that includes a weight lifting regimen.


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