Babe, Without You Life Is So Blue

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Contributor: H.L. Dowless

- -
Tears are rolling down my face,
I simply don’t know what to do,
My mind grasps not time nor space,
Since I have no choice but to live without you.

I well remember our walks through the park,
I savor our picnics neath the weeping willow trees,
I only want another pleasant stroll in the dark,
Your beautiful face is still all that I can see.

It’s been so lonely here without you,
I no longer know where I am headed to,
A day seems like forever,
Babe, it’s been so lonely here without you!

I want nothing more than to just speak with you,
I stand before your headstone each and every day,
I speak my words above your grave into a cruel sky filled with rouge,
My tears only fall where it is that you lay.

I still see you in my midnight dreams,
I feel your presence in our love candle’s midnight shadows,
The passing of six months is like forever, it seems,
This dreadful emptiness deep inside me only grows.

I only want to feel you beside me,
Lay with you inside that horrible tomb,
Me and forever simply do not agree,
I long to retreat with you deep into heaven’s womb.

In my mind I can still walk with you down those Venetian streets,
I can still feast with you in crystal ballrooms so splendid,
Together we can still greet all of those welcoming faces,
Come fly away with me on a moonbeam;
once more again let’s travel the world
on the midnight wind!

It’s been so lonely here without you,
I no longer know where it is that I am headed to,
Only a day seems like a whole eternity,
My tears are falling like a mountain stream flows..,
Babe, without you, my life is so blue….

- - -
The author is a thirty year veteran writer. He also teaches ESL offshore, and does whatever he can find that he enjoys doing when stateside.


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