I Grieve

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Contributor: Sheshu Babu

- -
For those sons of mothers and fathers
Who courageously fell to bullets of their counterparts
I grieve

For those bereaved women
Left with 'prints' of their beloved one
I grieve

I grieve
For the millions of borderless refugees
Victims like helpless effigies
Running from pillar to post
In search of compassionate host

I grieve
For the helpless fisher-folks
Crossing undemarcated boundaries
In search of daily bread
But returning empty-handed

I grieve
For the ordinary public
Swayed by carrot and stick
Policies of the cunning rulers

For the martyrs
Who sacrificed their youth
In search of Solemnity and Truth
To build a 'Brave New world'
From the rubble of the Old
I grieve

- - -
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