Away We Shall All Go To Nottingham

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Contributor: H.L. Dowless

- -
Away we shall go to Nottingham,
to Nottingham,
that most blessed of lands,
and away we shall go into Nottingham,
to Nottingham today.

There the cows always give milk,
always give milk,
as the worms there all spin the finest of silk,
the most splendid of silk,
to all the people's dismay.

There even the poorest children can afford to play,
even the penniless may play,
to everyone's dismay!
There even the poorest of children may play,
since the parks and the beaches are at a price all can pay.

There I shall dance to the did-die pantomime,
to the did-die pantomime,
with the people full of fruit shine!
Yes, while there we shall all get full of good fruit shine
and dance a merry jig to the did-die pantomime!

There the lasses are all gorgeous and
their feather beds so fine,
as the air fills with the sound of the blessed pantomime;
in the feather beds with all our heads swooning in shine,
as we shall embrace those heavenly bodies and pine
to the tune of the piddle did-die pantomime.

- - -
The author is a thirty year veteran writer. He also teaches ESL offshore, and does whatever he can find that he enjoys doing when stateside.


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