My Dear Angel Of The Internet

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Contributor: H.L. Dowless

- -
My angel of the internet,
she lives among the wires,
I endeavor to move as close to her as I can get,
I type the key pad for hours.

She embraces my each and every word,
rejecting not what I have to say,
my soul pours out unto her,
pure passion among the wires is where my heart lays.

I long to be in her company,
I wish to hold back not,
her potential enchanting beauty is all that I can see,
unbridled passion burns white hot.

The spark inside her eye revealed the soul passion,
unbridled it leads to a bond between two hearts,
inviting waves of emotion that never cease in its happening,
a first twinkle is where it all starts.

Few among mortals of this present day,
are aware that the soul can transcend all barriers,
no force on earth can ne'er stand in their way
when angels are two hearts great carriers.

When two souls reach out and touch,
and the compulsion bears no forbearance,
then the euphoria may never be felt as much
as when two hearts are twain,
and thy sweet time shall one another cherish.

Words spoken that touch the heart
are all that any soul needs,
the motion put forth that is intended to impart
every feeling that the body and the mind reads.

My dear angel of the internet,
I know not where they presence lies,
while I can't be in thy company yet,
we still possess a spirit that binds.

Please, ne'er forget me, my love,
I only desire thy company for an eternity,
my soul floats beside you like a dove,
lo I shall never leave you,
as the sun from the earth ne'er flees.

Where does thou stand now, my beauty?
In what direction flows your love?
What secular measure can be a gratuity
for your alluring presence,
my precious dove?

- - -
The author is an international ESL instructor. He enjoys outdoor activities from museum field work to big game hunting.


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