Song Of Mr. Doolittle

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Contributor: H.L. Dowless

- -
Well I,
I walked down town to the bow-tick store,
just to see what I could buy,
they had harlebusque, knives, quilts, grain, and more,
I knew not what to try.

Then the old clerk said,
“Son, just take your pick,
just see what you might like best;
if you should take a bite and it makes you sick,
then just leave alone all the rest.

I have some sugar powder,
a little chowder,
some booger pudding
and some whey.
So just take a bit of what e’er you are wanting,
and have a cheer-filled day!”

So I took a pinch of this,
I raised a scoop of that,
not one single offering did I miss,
I dropped it all inside my hat.

Then the aged grayed and grizzled man said,
“well son,
don't you dare forget the meat.
We have fresh hart not taken on the run,
now the live cooter is a mighty fine treat!
The skinned out bandit cat is really fun,
but the smoke cured Hoover hog can't be beat!”

So I took a share,
that was only fair,
I tarried around all that day.
I loaded it all into a sack
upon my back,
then struck out along my way.

As I left the old man said,
“Well good son, please ya don't off and run,
feel free to tarry around fer a good night stay.
Later on we'll both sip a little hard cider,
just for fun,
and fill fruit jar as we may!”

- - -
The author is an international ESL instructor. He enjoys outdoor activities from museum field work to big game hunting.


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