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Contributor: JD DeHart

- -
Last night, I took
a deep dive, one tablet
the night before, one half
the following night,
into dreams.

Horror films played in my
mind waking me with imaginary
sounds. I checked the world for sources
of what could only have come
from a shady corner in my brain.

The precious earth was split
into pieces and fireworks fell
in the shape of electric batteries
in the fictitious backyard. A ridge
ran through what I knew to be true.

A familiar face was a wooden,
twisted cane who swore to never
have anything to do with me.
Funny thing is, in daylight we’re not
even that close.

And there were even yet
other images that flickered,
now forgotten, erased almost
the moment they happened,

dissipating in the breeze
or whatever happens outside
at 4 in the morning,

while others linger and cling.

- - -
My book of poems, A Five-Year Journey, has recently been published by Dreaming Big Publications.


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