Bare Feet and Broken Shoes

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Contributor: Brittany Alaine

- -
There’s a price to pay being a wandering soul.
Seeing thousands of faces yet always alone.
Shiny watches and glistening boots,
Was not the life that I chose to choose.

I stare down at the rags I’ve worn,
The fabric faded and slightly torn.
My boots old, ugly, and battered
From the search of things that truly matter.

Bare feet and broken shoes,
That’s the life I chose to choose.

Raindrops on a tin roof.
The next adventure I’m going to do.
The simple pleasure of being close to you.
Those are the things I look forward to.

Not cellphone updates or selfies that are fake.
Living a life of the give and take.
Running from my mistakes.
Taking the world on my shoulders and buckling under the weight.

I refuse for that to be my fate.

So, here’s to life and to saying yes.
For taking the leap and forgetting the rest.
For being the person, you were meant to be
By living a life of simplicity.

Bare feet and broken shoes,
Winding roads and the choices you choose.

- - -
Brittany Alaine currently is living in the countryside of Hanover, Germany, where she is teaching English as a foreign language and working on her travel and lifestyle blog outlining her life abroad as a recovering alcoholic.


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