The Night Laughs Like a Hyena

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Contributor: Jon Carter

- -
calm summer night, clear,
the stars are out and the life
is dripping away into another day.
the fear is sinking in.
some things cannot be undone.

it’s hard to know that your heart is rotten.
it’s a thing I’ve learned about myself,
and knowing it hasn’t done me any good.
so long as the bottles stay around
then so will I.

I want to feel that fire again,
but sometimes things are just so cold.
my fingers are going numb from alcoholism,
my mind is going numb from thinking
too much.

the night is young though, and it’s
really quite wonderful. carrying
a burden quietly is the best way to
carry it, and if you’re strong enough
you can still enjoy some of the things.

things can get weird, though,
and fast. the world changes
every minute and one day
someone will care about the
consequences of their actions,
but it won’t be tonight.

tonight is not a night for seriousness.
and I hope tomorrow never comes.
this night laughs like a hyena
and I’m always quick to crumble
in the street.

- - -
My name is Jon Carter. I am a psychology major. My writing is honest.


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