Planet Earth

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Contributor: Jane Briganti

- -
This Planet Earth of ours cries in pain
Perhaps because we take her in vain
Who's to say how long she'll keep
Sadly true, her wounds run deep
Where will the children of tomorrow be?
No animals, water or even a tree
Innocent animals we know and love
are going extinct - no hope from above
Contaminated waters - pollution and more
the damage is done straight down to the core
Evergreen trees protecting everyone
providing oxygen and shade from the sun
For us they grow and weather withstand
Their survival depends on this earthly land
Respect Mother Nature and Planet Earth
Show her the meaning of her worth
Open your eyes - the expected is here
annihilation and all that we fear
The Human Race and greed are to blame
The world will end; what a crying shame

- - -


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