Meat Me

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Contributor: Vaunna Fostertagg

- -
I lost myself in a wall of meat
I lost myself in a vat of pain
I lost myself in life
blurred and burned
and twisted
and turned
and became
what you wanted of me
not the wind
not the feet
but the stolid mass
the meat that goes to work
the meat that makes the money
the meat that takes and buys
and dreams only meat dreams
inspired by meat shows
commercials for meat needs
imposed on meat me
instead of the wind I was
the snatch of song
the breath within
now squelched
now lost
a glimmer only caught
when meat me sags on the couch
through the sweaty, too-short days
of weekend's cocktail haze.

- - -
Florida native with a heart of gold, sometimes.


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