Wherefore Art Thou, My Love

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Contributor: H.L. Dowless

- -
When our time is said and done,
our moments on earth are through,
I shall relish those cheer filled days neath a shining sun,
and those hours lying close to you.

Know this single fact of being,
My love;
an eternity can feel like a fleeting moment,
My sweet dove,
when in company with one heaven sent.

Valhalle is only a stones throw away,
a hook cast into a spring time mill pond;
yet nothing puts more joy into a darkening day
than the sight of you approaching from a shimmering horizon far beyond.

I behold thy delicate face on stormy nights,
with blue fire flashing wildly again and again,
falling rain slashing so madly that it invites
a perception of childlike voices on the blustery wind.

I still lie in waiting inside our chateau bed chamber,
my dearest love,
patiently longing for thy glorious return;
even if ye be only a spectrum forever,
my sweet dove,
my passion still shall ne’er waver.

The flame of our love candle dances by our bedside,
eerie shadows quiver on the stone wall,
I often feel thy unseen presence at yuletide,
I long to follow you deep into that dreary hall.

With the flash of blue fire on the stormy twelfth striking,
the rumble of rolling thunder from beyond,
I behold thy delicate form in the bleakest darkness,
I sense a warm embrace from a heart so kind.

Why didst thou flee so far from me?
Why does there exist this gulf so deep and wide between us?
I mix crushed hemlock with the strong wine inside this chalice of silver that you see,
a single heavy drink therefrom shall be enough, I trust.

Then far from this authoritative collective world where I do not fit,
shall I forever flee,
Oh, so nice when this deed is soon done,
a place of adventure and true opportunity is where I need to be.
This great gulf that separates us shall then be no more,
you see,
and us twain can be together again underneath a celestial sun,
dwelling for all infinity in timeless paradise,
where secular imagination possesses not the ability to fathom a great pleasure there in store.

- - -
The author is an international ESL instructor. He has been a writer for over thirty years. He has numerous publications under his belt.


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