The Greatest Song

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Contributor: Tyler Zahnke

- -
When I find myself alone,
A cheerful song I tend to sing.
When she decides to sing with me,
The bells of heaven start to ring.
We sing in peaceful harmony
The songs that come from deep inside.
And when our song has reached its end,
The gates of heaven open wide.
The light from heaven says our names.
We sing a song to welcome it.
It joins us in our song of love,
Assuring that our lives are lit.
The moon plays drums, the wind plays flute,
While Mars and Venus play guitars.
The asteroids play bass and keys,
To compliment the humming stars.
The orchestra up in the sky
Accompanies our song of peace.
The light says in a calming voice,
"Your song of love will never cease!"
The song of joy, the song of hope,
The song of everlasting mirth;
The heavens have enabled thee;
The greatest song on planet Earth.

- - -
I was born in 1997 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am a totally blind musician, writer and technology enthusiast. I believe that music is powerful, and that people should make music whenever possible.


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