A Year of Polaris

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Contributor: Thomas T. Momenti

- -
You were my guiding light
you were my only light
you were the only constant star
I ever chose to follow

and I thought I might make that light my own
and I thought I might take you in my hands
and I thought you might never hurt me
but the burns I got for trying
prove to me otherwise.

We spent a year together
We spent a year of nights by the sea
And even on the cloudiest days
I looked for you
I found you
constant as any star
waiting high in the circumpolar sky

The cold nights without you
ice my hands like thoughts of the grave
the stars all spin crazily
spin on endlessly
and I can't get a grip on any of them.

I spin circles, searching for you
in the faces of a thousand constellations
but none of them are as constant
as you were
until your light
went out of my life

- - -


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