The Harbinger

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Contributor: Dave Ludford

- -
I have tattooed a grain of sand
It took a hundred years and so much blood ink
I'll carry on until I have an entire beach,
Throw each particle to wherever it should land
Then watch as waves wash my work away
Start again. Time isn't important to me.
So take a handful of sand, let it slip between your fingers
And read: 'Look towards the cliffs
Watch me point to where the land meets the sky, Dazzling horizon
Beware the coming storm
Thunder will boom with words you should hear
Lightning will herald a revelation.'
Take each grain and write a book of wisdom.

- - -
Dave Ludford is a poet and short story writer from Nuneaton, England. His works have appeared at a variety of locations in the US, UK & India. He is currently working on his first play.


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