Four Two-Four One Four

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Contributor: Ryan Nadolny

- -
Party is done
Everyone has gone

It’s gonna be OK, it’s gonna be alright

Panic resides
Inside a little's mind

Go to sleep baby, I’ll kiss you goodnight

Tears and tantrums
Fears abandon

Don’t worry darlin’, I can make this right

Anxious separation
Nocturnal agitation

We’re through the woods, it’s getting bright

Mentally tripped
Emotionally unequipped

You’ve been so brave, we can see the light

Dreams catch her
Life unsure

It’s OK little one, you’ve shown great might

Let us pray
Better everyday

It’s OK to cry, I know your plight

Normalcy delayed
Confidence swayed

It’s OK to feel down, let me hold you tight

Fight like hell
Bust the shell

Smile gorgeous, there’s no more fright

Gaining strength
Despite the length

You’ve done great child, together we fight!

Forever dealing
A life worth healing

- - -
Husband to a brave and beautiful woman.
Father to 4 brilliant girls.
Writer, poet, home chef, gun enthusiast, and friend.


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