Evening Show

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Contributor: Lindsay N. Burkhard

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Concrete walls sing your silhouette’s praise. Hollow, dust covered song birds stare- peppered across the iridescent sky. Perched on thinning wire. Silent jealousy tastes of salt and spoiled wine, sister. Your labored breaths transform; a hushed melody. For a moment I can see your cherry red slippers. Sunlight melts over rooftops. Windows are diamonds in the light. Form is motion, shingles suddenly slippery. Poise broken. Perseverance is a thousand fireflies in a dark alley so far below. Tar and crippled steel block my view. One and two, three, four; Breath. Again, you pivot on pins. I smile from my window, your stage. Sweet harmony of your smooth steps against the evening sky- savor it. Dear sister come down, it is time for dinner.

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