Things That Wait in the Distance

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Contributor: Maelina Frattaroli

- -
I. The Other Side
I see it, stuck between my reach and the horizon.
Sometimes the sun gets in the way. Or is it the clouds?
There are two sides to every story.
Which one will I write?

II. You, Whoever You Are
I think we've met before, but not properly.
Let's try this again. Don't we know love falls short?
But it's not the idea of you that waits.
So where will the you be waiting?

III. Me, Whoever I am
This is you talking to you, but you don't know.
The distance says the possible abounds. How?
There are two faces in every reflection.
There are two sides to every story.
I think I’ll write them both,
I think I'll write them all.

- - -
Maelina isn't a fan of writing bios; they're so impersonal. But, here goes. She's a lover of words and all things garlic. She'll be forever inspired by Tom Waits and Neil Diamond. She also has a relentless phobia of moths.


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