Night Owl and Early Bird XI

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Contributor: Jnana Hodson

- -
freely camp and hike
in wild feminine lines of subtle perfumes, hair styles,

freely touch whatever here or there remains natural
without fearing, though she

positions herself between the Avon Lady
or Farrah Fawcett, on one side, and

one-of-the-boys on motorcycles, on the wild highway other
daytime double-header

adventures, of course
admit fitting in, too. But these days,

not to be alone where I am
(OK, gladly packing
maybe it’s just this mill town

who doesn’t seem to be
on one of the two extremes

(becoming a massage therapist)
clues to deduce

how the boxwood orbs
suggest she’s primarily a feeler

on the other hand, with her swings
at wild pitches, I duck

under the coffee table between innings
or skate out over my head at Christmas

- - -
In August, Fowlpox Press published Harbor of Grace as a free downloadable chapbook of his prose-poems. It is available at .


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