Failed Attempt

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Contributor: Brittany Zedalis

- -
Ten, Fifteen,
No response, no reply,
It’s been thirty minutes,
Not even a goodbye.

The shaking starts,
Tears fight to fall,
Keep holding on,
They’re sure to call.

What was it they said?
They’re done, thank you,
They love you both,
But it’s over, they’re through.

How much did they drink?
What did they take?
Please, you plead,
Don’t let it be too late.

At last, a reply,
A shining light of relief,
It didn’t work,
No need for grief.

My friend, please,
Hold onto life,
You are not alone,
You can win this fight.

- - -
I am 20 years old, married, and studying at Francis Marion University to be an elementary teacher. I love reading, writing and photography, and am a pretty cheerful person.


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