I Chose The Darkness

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Contributor: Instamint

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The darkness surrounds
Me, suffocating me.
The white noise
On the television
Illuminating the demons
Hiding in the
Shadows. Flames building
In the sideline,
Waiting for me
To give in.
To grab the
Lighter, and set
Alight my frail
Body. To break
My ready broken
Mind, and laugh.
Laugh at my
Stupidity. To think
That I could
Give up. To
Think that I
Could stop it.
To think I
Could love you
And be loved
In return. No.
It was a
Stupid thought. It
Was nothing more
Than a Dream.
But it brought
Hope. The best
Hope I've had
In years. But
I saw the
Truth and I
Picked up that
Lighter, I did
What I vowed
Never to do again,
Again. I felt
The flames lick
My ready burned
Flesh, I felt
The pain. It
Felt real. The
Only real thing
In my life.
It brought truth.
I can't go
On like this,
Burning away the
Happiness and hope,
But it's gone.
It's too late.
The only thing
Left now is
To get out
Of this mess
I've made. I
Have no other
Choice. It's either
Die in the
Dark, or live
Long enough to
See your light
Go out.
I chose the
But before I
Go, I want
To look into
Your eyes one
Last time and
See the absence
Of love. Those
Oceanic blue eyes
I've always loved,
Washing away my
Fear. I wonder,
Will you even
Miss me when

- - -
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