White Wedding

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Contributor: Brittany Zedalis

- -
Eyes wide and full of wonder,
Remembering when he was younger,
When dreams were big and days were long..
─he snaps out at the sound of a song.

There she is, all in white,
Tears of joy blur his sight,
Is this real? It cannot be─
He says to himself so quietly.

She takes his hand and his grip tightens,
Perhaps he is a bit frightened,
Shaking, he smiles as her face lights up,
Oh, dear me, this must be love.

Memories flood his racing mind,
The first kiss, her shining eyes,
Come so far from where they were,
He knew from the beginning it would be her.

- - -
I am 20 years old, married and attending Francis Marion University to be an elementary teacher. I enjoy reading and writing in my spare time.


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