It's Time

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Contributor: Alyssa Hanchar

- -
His pace is steady
Leaves crunch beneath his soft steps,
Thick hair windswept in a light breeze

The sky electric blue,
White puffs shelter the sun in shifts
In momentary darkness,
She appears

Up ahead, strolling
Ear buds in, lips mouthing the words
Blonde hair billowing behind her

He picks up his pace, nearing
Calling out her name, but she doesn’t hear.
His feet pound on the sidewalk
Tripping on fallen leaves, he catches himself

Finally, it’s time

She turns around, pulling her ear buds out
A slow smile spreads onto her face
Expecting him to speak
Words fail him, as she takes his breath away

She speaks his name, in a soft whisper
He loves that sound
Gazing into her eyes, voicing that imminent question

In one simple reply, she declines
Wandering back through the fallen leaves
The sun disappears into the clouds.

- - -


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