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Contributor: Kambria Vance

- -
Your voice box sent
Shock waves Sound waves Shivers
through my systems

You couldn’t look at me
out of drunkenness
I couldn’t look at you
out of fear
that I would get lost.

Your sounds charm me
Noises fascinate you
Our entangled sensations
Shot out an infectious vibe
Everyone could feel
But not experience, because


were at the epicenter.
It was the most beautiful
fleeting moment I have ever attended and
I didn’t know how to tell you
That you
The shell encasing my human.

I will take the titles you have given me
And brand them on my collar bones so
People can see how you make me feel.

You said
You, miss. You are beautiful.

I said
You, sir.
You are unlike like anyone I have ever met. And you asked me what I meant.

I said I’ll write a poem
And maybe figure it out that way.

Well… at 6 a.m. while listening
To your ribcage cadence
I tried.

But somehow I lose the words in
The words get lost on the only road that leads
my brain
to my fingertips.

So I’ll tell a truth for every dare I give you.

I just can’t right now
Try anyways
I don’t know who I am
Go exploring with me
I’ve never been alone before
Tell me I don’t have to be
You’re leaving in a year
The star that shines twice as bright burns half as long

I fear that this is something that belongs
in a museum
on a pedestal
rigged with alarms
surrounded by guards

because if I were to touch whatever this is…
surely it would shatter.

Dare: super glue and duct tape

- - -
I am a 20 something year old girl.
I like pizza rolls, Monster energy drinks, and Camel Menthol's.
I write about the people I meet.


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