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Contributor: Daniel N. Flanagan

- -
And my whole life has been like;
I am the flowers
The pretty flowers sitting in the vase,
Decorating the mahogany dining table;
Silently dying

Smelling of tropical plumeria petals.
Sucking up water while leisurely wilting.
Looking gorgeous,
And then presentable,
And then accordingly.

All my owners do is force feed me more water;
Drown me.
Gaze upon me with disgust as I,

But I cannot live without sunlight,
Without love.
My petals are all set, all ready
And yet they go no where

Sitting in this vase, I slowly decay.

- - -
Daniel N. Flanagan is an American short-story writer and poet. He is the author of over two dozen individual pieces, with his debut poetry chapbook scheduled for release in the summer of '14. His work can be found at Follow him @DanielNFlanagan.


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