[Waiting is a kind of trap you get caught]

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Contributor: Firestone Feinberg

- -
Waiting is a kind of trap you get caught
in when you're caught in the supermarket
or the bank or you're in line at the bus
stop or in the appropriately-named
Waiting Room in a doctor's or a dentist's
office and usually while you're waiting
you don't even realize that you've probably
spent half your life waiting for something
to happen or for someone to do something to

you or for you or sometimes you're even
waiting for someone in the train station
or in the lobby of a hotel or a museum and
so you either stand there like a statue or
you find some place to sit and either read
something or entertain yourself by looking
around or remembering or just watching
other people wait for whatever they're
waiting for or maybe you just dream about --

- - -
Firestone Feinberg is a retired teacher. He taught music at New York City's public high school for the arts (La Guardia High School) for twenty years. Besides being a poet, Firestone is a painter, a pianist, a composer -- and --eight months ago he became a proud grandfather!


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